We seek to fill the gap left by the formal education system which provides informational-based education, by offering transformational-based education. Our teaching style accommodates diverse age brackets, social status and education levels. We offer transformational courses based on the concept of the 'Wheel of Life', to help you discover and explore your potential as follows;
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1.    T.R.M- Transformed and Renewed Minds
2.   L.B.C- Life Boot Camp
3.    Diamonds in the Desert
4.    The Royalty Movement-
6.    Corporate Training and Team Building
7.    Networking & Referral Services
Course Duration: 14 Weeks
Nairobi Classes
Day Classes: 9:00 am to 11:00 am
on Mon, Wed and Fri.
Evening Classes: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
on Mon, Wed and Fri.
Mombasa Classes
9:00 am to 4:00 pm with 1 hour lunch
break every Saturday
1. The wealth and riches contained within you is totally unfathomable.
2. Everyone is a leader. Leadership is not a reserve of a chosen few.
3. Sharpen your skills.
4. Both abundance and poverty are mindsets.
5. Wholesome health development.
6. Developing excellent relationships.
7. Recreation and fun development.
Within you are varieties of gifts, talents and abilities that constitute your potential. Using Bible based principles, we help you discover your purpose and potential and to set a clear mission / vision statement and 101 life goals that become your lifeís strategic plan document.
Learn when to lead and when to follow. Nurture your leadership potential and become a great leader in your spheres of influence.
Learn how to get a better pay or better still learn how to create wealth by running your own business. Which ever path you choose, you deserve to be fulfilled and be able to earn money doing what you love and enjoy most. Learn how to turn your passion into cash.
Financial freedom is a basic divine and human right. We educate you financially, and especially to overcome faulty thinking and negative emotions where money is concerned. Learn to live debt free and live an inheritance to future generations.
Learn how to take care of your health as you create your wealth, because without good health, itís virtually impossible to achieve much.
People are the pillars upon which you rely to help you achieve your destiny. You need the input of other people to realize your dreams. Build win/win relationships at home, work, school, Church and in the marketplace.
Work without play makes Jack a dull boy and sometimes a sick boy! Learn how to create time to relax, have fun and smell the roses! We teach you how to plan and save for holidays so you can travel to your dream destinations.
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Developing Human Potential
Developing Human Potential
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